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Our online language courses are fully voice-enabled!
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Step 2: Access Classroom
Management System
Step 3: Install Virtual Classroom

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Our online language courses will:
  1. Provide two-year, college-level language instruction in Chinese, Japanese and Russian and give you the same college credits as regular courses if you are a college student.
  2. Combine both asynchronous and synchronous instructions. You do individual work on materials on our Website AND attend live, voice-enabled virtual classroom sessions every week to practice conversation with an instructor and peers.
  3. Can provide personal attention during the virtual classroom sessions thanks to a small class size.
  4. Offer the class content equivalent to that of regular, on-ground courses.

Non-GT college students or college graduates need to go through the special application process (See Class Registration Info). GT Students have a choice of registering for online language courses through OSCAR without any application or for regular language courses. High school students can take our courses with instructor's permission through GTPE (no academic credits) if spaces are available. For more information on personal traits or habits that might not work for our online courses, click here.

Technical Requirements

To join our online courses, you need to:

  1. Have a computer with a full administrator access running Windows XP,Vista or 7 (Windows 8 is untested but probably will work) or Mac OS 10.7 or higher. Public lab computers do not work if they do not allow you to install new software and change their configurations as needed.
  2. Have broadband Internet connection (DSL/Cable or better).
  3. Configure your browser and install necessary browser plugins. (See Step 1 on the left for details.) Additional free software (e.g., Adobe Reader) may be required.
  4. Connect a microphone headset to your computer to talk with your instructor and classmates. No built-in speakers/microphones are allowed because they will create audio interferences.
  5. Some homework is required to be handwritten, and you need a scanner (or a digital camera if the image quality and file size are acceptable) to scan such homework and upload the files to the designated Website. (You are NOT allowed to hand-deliver or surface-mail/fax your hardcopy homework or submit it by email without prior consent from your instructor.)

You need to enroll in one of our online courses to receive your login information. The following are the steps to enable your computer to access our online courses. Click on each of the links on the left. The purpose of each step is as follows:

Step 1:

Configure your browser.

Step 2: Access your classroom management system.
Step 3: Install the virtual classroom software.

If you register late or don't hear from us after registration

If you register late, sometimes your registration information does not reach us in time for the first live virtual classroom. Sometimes this also happens if your email address is input incorrectly during the administration process or your email account is not working. If you have completed your registration but have not heard from us by the first week of semester, please email your instructor (Contact info links on upper right of this page) for further information (Don't forget to mention which online course you have registered.)

Additional Notes

  • Special students (non-GT college students who receives academic credits): You will receive an admission notice from GT Admission Office. It explains how to register online to obtain your initial user username (GT login ID) and GT email address in order to login to the GT services (includig our online language course content). You need to do this by yourself, and if you have any problems, contact the Admission Office. Instructors cannot help you with obtaining your initial username/password.
  • GTPE students (No academic credits) will receive a guest account username/password directly from the instructor to access the classroom management system.
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