Japanese Language Placement Test
  1. You need to take this test if some of the following apply to you. If none of them apply, there is no need to take this test. Enroll in JAPN 1001.

    1. You have studied Japanese on your own. OR

    2. You have some formal instruction on the Japanese language. OR

    3. You are a heritage speaker of Japanese (A "heritage speaker" means that you grew up in an environment in which Japanese was spoken regularly---typically by your family members). No heritage speakers are allowed to take 3000-level JAPN courses or lower. If you think you are a heritage speaker of Japanese, you must consult your instructor to enroll in our 4000-level courses after taking this test.

  2. The test will become invalid if you falsely represent your language skills. By taking this test, you agree that you will do your best in answering all questions in fair and honest manner. If you deliberately misrepresent your proficiency level and it is found out during the class, you will be forced to withdraw from the course even after you have enrolled in the course.

  3. Your enrollment is subject to availability of seats in the class. The Japanese faculty members reserve the final right to place you at the appropriate level.

  4. This test may not work properly with certain new browsers. If your browser does not work, please try another one.

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