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Step 3: Join Virtual Classroom
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Your PC Setup


We use Adobe Connect for virtual classroom.

1. If you have not finished Step 1, please finish it before proceeding further.

When ready, find a quiet location with a strong Wi-Fi signal. If you cannot find a strong Wi-Fi signal, connect your computer to the Internet with an Ethernet cable.

2. Plug in your headset (with a microphone).

  1. Plug in your headset (USB-headsets give you the best sound quality) before you start your browser. NEVER use your built-in speakers or built-in microphone.
    Headset No speakers

  2. Check your sound control panel and make sure your headset device is selected for both recording and playback.

  3. Start your browser.

3. Install and Join Adobe Connect

  1. Go to your T-Square course site.

  2. On your course site, click on the link provided by your instructor to enter Adobe Connect.

  3. The first time you enter Adobe Connect, the necessary add-in programs will be automatically installed on your computer and the Connect window appears inside your browser window. If you encounter installation problems, try the following site:

    bullet For introduction: Getting Started with Adobe Connect
    bullet For tech support: Adobe Connect Help
    bullet For compatibility testing: Adobe Connect Diagnostic Test

  4. When the instructor gives you the microphone right to speak, you need to:

    bullet Select your microphone device from the microphone icon:
    select microphone

    bullet Enable your microphone (Ctrl-M or click on the microphone icon) and select "Connect My Audio."
    enable microphone

    bullet If asked to allow microphone access, click "Allow."
    Enabling 2

    bullet When finished talking, type Ctrl-M again or click on the microphone icon again.

If instructors record live sessions, archived sessions will be available for subsequent viewing. Ask your instructor about its availability.

GT Students

If your laptop does not work for some reason or cannot find a good Wi-Fi location on campus, you can go to the lobby area of Swann Bldg. (1st floor) and use the computers there. Our computers in the lobby area are equipped with Adobe Connect. You need to bring your own headset with microphone.

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