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Your PC Setup


Problems in Virtual Classroom (VC)

1: Something goes wrong during initial setup.

bullet If nothing happens, your browser may have an active popup window blocker. If so, please disable it (at least for this site).

bullet You may be using an incompatible browser. Switch to another browser.

bullet For introduction: Getting Started with Adobe Connect
bullet For tech support: Adobe Connect Help
bullet For compatibility testing: Adobe Connect Diagnostic Test

2: I can't hear anything and/or no one can hear me.

headset no headset
Plug in headset before
you start your browser.
Do not use built-in
microphone or speakers.

bullet This is the most common problem. Is your headset plugged all the way into the correct audio input/output socket (or USB-port)? Make sure to plug in your headset before you start VC. Plugging in headset after you enter VC often results in having wrong audio device set as default.

bullet Is your headset turned on (if there is an on-off switch) and NOT muted? If there is a volume control on your headset, is it set high enough? Also, check your headset volume level through your OS.

bullet Are you typing Ctrl-M to turn on/off your microphone? When it's on, you should see a green microphone with voice waves moving as you speak.

If you type Ctrl-M... If you type Ctrl-M again...
Unmuted Microphone Disconnected Microphone

bullet Is your Sound Control Panel set to use the correct device (your headset) as the default device for both recording and playback?

Open your Control Panel > Sound. Under "Playback" and "Recording" tabs, is your device set as default?

bullet Did you run Audio Setup Wizard?
Audio Setup Wizard

bullet If all of the above fail, restart your browser. If it still does not work, restart your computer.

3: I get disconnected frequently.

bullet Your WiFi signal may be unstable. Check the signal strength. If you are in an area where there are many WiFi users or if the signal is too weak, move to an area where you can get the strongest signal. If you cannot get it, go to a place where you can connect with an Ethernet cable.

4: I can enter VC, but something is not quite working.

bullet Are you using the correct browser? Try to switch to a different browser.

bullet Quite often, many VC issues are solved if you just restart your browser. If it does not work, restart your computer and see if it solves the issues.

bullet Disable some third-party software. Some third-party software may interfere with VC (e.g., Google Desktop). Windows Aero display may also interfere with VC.

5: The person is too loud or I hear too much noise every time someone speaks.

bullet If this happens only with some people, this is probably not your fault. Please ask those "loud" people to lower the microphone level or push the microphone away from their mouth. If their mouth (or hand) is touching the microphone (even lightly), this will cause loud noises. If they are using a built-in microphone of the computer instead of a headset, you may also hear a lot of background noises, voices around that person or delayed echoes.

6: I hear delayed echoes in the background when someone speaks.

bullet That person is using a loudspeaker instead of a headset. Please ask him/her to use a microphone headset. If someone else is trying to speak at the same time as you did, this may also result in delayed echoes.

7: People respond after a long delay.

bullet Under a normal condition through a broadband connection, delays are minimum if any (only a second or two). If the response is consistently slower than that, this could be due to a weak Wi-Fi signal. If the delay occurs with everyone, the problem could be on your side. If it occurs only with some people, the problem could be on their side. If there are no connection problems, he/she may be away from the keyboard, doing something else during the class, thinking or simply stalling.

8: Sound breaks up or the performance of VC is noticeably slower than normal.

bullet Assuming there are no hardware issues such as weak Wi-Fi signal, too little RAM memory or faulty hardware, this sounds like something other than your VC software is taking up the processing power of your computer. This could be due to many reasons ranging from software issues such as virus, spyware, adware, and other programs incompatible with VC. Some software options may be interfering with the normal VC operation. Some security programs like VPN Client may also slow down the normal operations of VC. In some cases, some automatic updates of your operating system or third-party programs may be downloading and/or installing updates during VC. If this is the case, temporarily disable or delay automatic updates if possible.

bullet In rare cases, your computer may be slowing down due to excessive heat caused by the dust accumulated inside. (This happens often if you are using graphic intensive applications like games. Cleaning up with a gas duster often solves this kind of problems.)

9: It used to work before, but it no longer works now.

bullet Have you installed (sometimes without your knowledge) something new lately? Often, third party programs and browser apps (any new icons, tabs, or toolbars?) interfere with VC. Try uninstalling some of them. For example,

  • "Latest News" tab on your browser?
  • "Skype Toolbox" icon?
  • etc.

bullet Sometimes, automatic updates (such as OS updates, browser updates, etc.) may have had unintended effects upon VC.

Problems in GoVIEW
(This is for Russian courses only.)

1: I get rerouted to a relogin page (University list page) after I logged in to GoVIEW.

bullet If you stay inactive for too long without logging out, GoVIEW will take you back to the timeout page.

2: I can't login to GoVIEW.

bullet Did you type username/password correctly? It may have an underscore ( _ ) instead of a hyphen ( - ). Did you type them in upper/lower cases exactly? The username/password to enter GoVIEW may be different from those used to enter GT's T-Square.

3: I was able to login, but my course is not listed.

bullet Contact your instructor.

4: Some audio/video files don't play on my computer.

bullet Have you installed the required plugin software such as Flash Player or QuickTime? If so, is it the default media player for those audio/video files? (Run QuickTime Player and when asked, click Yes/OK to make QuickTime to play those media files by default. If the media files are created by Flash, you may need to install the Flash Player from Adobe/Macromedia. (For specific media files you have problems with, ask your instructor which media player is required.) To install these additional browser plugins, go back to Step 2.

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