The glide sequences (e.g., /kya/, /kyu/, /kyo/, etc.) are written with a small katakana or or as shown below. The positioning of these small symbols is the same as those of small . (Note that glides occur only with the /i/-sound row of the katakana chart. (Namely,: , , , , , , , , , , , and .) In addition to ヤユヨ ending glides, there are three additional glides ending in /e/ sound. These are /she/ as in "shell," /je/ as in "jet" and /che/ as in "check" as shown below. Click on the chart below to hear the pronunciation.

Glide Practice
Your Tasks Read the katakana words below and confirm your pronunciation by clicking on the audio icons. Glides are written in red.

コンピュータ computer
ニューヨーク New York
チャット chat
キャッシュ cash
ミュート mute
Your Tasks Click on the audio icons below and write down what you hear on the printout of this page. Note that one hiragana needs to be written in each box. Click on the areas below the boxes to see the answers.