/a/ Let's dig an underground tunnel! as in "underground".

Underground tunnel 1Underground tunnel 2Katakana A

/i/ I want an easel. as in "easel".

Easel 1Easel 2Katakana I

/u/ I have oodles of arrowheads. as in "oodles".

Oodles of arrowheads 1Oodles of arrowheads 2Katakana U

/e/ I have an extra bone. as in "extra".

Extra bone 1Extra bone 2Katakana E

/o/ Oh! What an odd kick! as in "oh".

Oh! Odd kick 1Oh! Odd kick 2Katakana O

/ka/ A kite is flying in the sky. as in "kite".

Kite 1Kite 2Katakana Ka

/ki/ I have a key. as in "key".

Key 1Key 2Katakana Ki

/ku/ This is a quick seven. as in "quick".

Quick seven 1Quick seven 2Katakana Ku

/ke/ It's a crooked "K". as in crooked "K".

crooked K 1crooked K 2Katakana Ke

/ko/ I have a cold. as in "cold".

Cold 1Cold 2Katakana Ko

/sa/ Let socks dry. as in "socks".

Socks 1Socks 2Katakana Sa

/shi/ She has a crooked smile. as in "she".

She 1She 2Katakana Shi

/su/ My kid has a swing set. as in "swing".

Swing 1Swing 2Katakana Su

/se/ This is Senor Martines. asn in "Senor".

Senor Martines 1Senor Martines 2Katakana Se

/so/ A soy bean jumped out! as in "soy".

Soy bean 1Soy bean 2Katakana So

/ta/ Titanic is sinking. as in "Titanic".

Titanic 1Titanic 2Katakana Ta

/chi/ A chimp is on the ball. as in "chimp".

Chimp 1Chimp 2Katakana Chi

/tsu/ I havde three peanuts. as in "peanuts".

peanuTs 1peanuTs 2Katakana Tsu

/te/ A cat's tail. as in "tail".

cat's Tail 1cat's Tail 2Katakana Te

/to/ This is a tomahawk. as in "tomahawk".

Tomahawk 1Tomahawk 2Katakana To

/na/ Number 1, 2, and 3. as in "number".

Numbers (#) 1Numbers (#) 2Katakana Na

/ni/ I have two needles. as in "needles".

Two Needles 1Two Needles 2Katakana Ni

/nu/ Look at my new dress! as in "new".

New dress 1New dress 2Katakana Nu

/ne/ Balancing is never easy! as in "never".

Never easy 1Never easy 2Katakana Ne

/no/ He has a long nose. as in "nose".

Nose 1Nose 2Katakana No

/ha/ Ha, ha, ha! I can't stop laughing. as in "ha".

Ha, ha, ha 1Ha, ha, ha 2Katakana Ha

/hi/ This is my heel. as in "heel".

Heel 1Heel 2Katakana Hi

/hu/ A hook on a wall. as in "hook".

Hook 1Hook 2Katakana Hu

/he/ There is a haystack. as in "haystack".

Haystack 1Haystack 2Katakana He

/ho/ I'm holding a holy cross. as in "holy".

Holy cross 1Holy cross 2Katakana Ho

/ma/ Don't drink too much Martini. as in "Martini".

Martini 1Martini 2Katakana Ma

/mi/ Who is 3? Me! as in "me".

Who is 3? Me 1Who is 3? Me 2Katakana Mi

/mu/ Moo-moo move! as in "moo".

Moo-moo move 1Moo-moo move 2Katakana Mu

/me/ I mended my pants. as in "mended".

Mended 1Mended 2Katakana Me

/mo/ There are four monitors. as in "monitors".

four Monitors 1four Monitors 2Katakana Mo

/ya/ A yacht in the sea. as in "yacht".

Yacht 1Yacht 2Katakana Ya

/yu/ I saw a U-boat. as in "U-boat".

U-boat 1U-boat 2Katakana Yu

/yo/ I can yoga! as in "yoga".

Yoga 1Yoga 2Katakana Yo

/ra/ This is a Japanese lantern. as in "lantern".

Lantern 1Lantern 2Katakana Ra/La

/ri/ This is her ribbon. as in "ribbon".

Ribbon 1Ribbon 2Katakana Ri

/ru/ Roots of an apple tree. as in "roots".

Roots 1Roots 2Katakana Ru

/re/ Let's go! as in "let's".

Let's go 1Let's go 2Katakana Re/Le

/ro/ We have a loaf of bread. as in "loaf".

Loaf of bread 1Loaf of bread 2Katakana Ro/Lo

/wa/ A wine glass. as in "wine" glass.

Wine 1Wine 2Katakana Wa

/wo/ Wow! He's happy! as in "wow".

Wow 1Wow 2Katakana Wo/O

/nn/ Mmm Yammy! as in "mmm". ("mmm" with your mouth open, or "nnn")

mmm (NNN) 1mmm (NNN) 2Katakana NN