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Japanese Language Placement Test
  1. This is a placement test to assess the level of your Japanese language proficiency. This test will find out which Japanese course between JAPN 1001 through 3001 is the most appropriate course to take at GT. You will not receive any academic credit by taking this test.

  2. If you are currently enrolled in (or completed in the past) one of the sequenced courses of JAPN 1001 through 3001 at GT and you have no other Japanese learning experiences, you don't need to take this test. Please take the next sequence of the course.

  3. You need to take this test if some of the following apply to you. If none of them apply, it means you have never learned Japanese before and you do not need to take this test. Enroll in JAPN 1001 (Elementary Japanese I) instead.

    1. You have learned significant amount of Japanese on your own. OR

    2. You have taken Japanese language courses outside of GT. OR

    3. You lived in Japan and/or attended Japanese school(s). OR

    4. You are a heritage speaker of Japanese. A "heritage speaker" is someone who grew up in an environment in which the target language was spoken regularly. (FYI: Heritage/native speakers of Japanese are not allowed to take 3000-level JAPN courses or lower. If you are a heritage/native speaker of Japanese, please consult your instructor to enroll in 4000-level courses or higher after taking this test.)

  4. This test can be taken only once. Once you complete the test, you cannot come back and take the test again at a later date.

  5. Students who falsify this test and enroll in a Japanese course will be removed from the class and assigned a withdrawal. By taking this test, you agree that you will do your best in answering all questions in fair and honest manner.

  6. Taking this placement test does not guarantee you a seat in the class. If the class is full, you need to apply for an overload at the ML Website first.

  7. Graduate students: After finding out your placement, you need to apply for a permit to have your level restriction removed at the ML Website first. After receiving the permit, you need to go to the Registrar's Office to register for the course.

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