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Online Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian courses at GT are designed as four-semester (two-year) college-level courses with four (4) academic credit hours in the first-year courses and three (3) credit hours in the second-year courses. We primarily serve college students or college graduates/professionals with fixed time schedule throughout the semester. We use virtual classroom technology to have live conversation practice with the instructor and peers. In the full fall and spring semester format, Chinese, Japanese and Korean courses "meet" virtually through three 60-minute or two 90-minute virtual classrooms a week at designated time. Russian courses meet two 60-minute courses a week. In a short summer course format, the meeting time and frequency are roughly doubled. For more details, please go to the Enrollment and FAQ page.


To join our virtual classroom, you need to:

  1. Have a computer with a full administrator access (to install new software) running Windows Vista, Windows 7 or higher or Mac OS 10.7 or higher. If you are using a public lab computer, consult with your tech support.

  2. Have broadband Internet connection (DSL/Cable modem or better).

  3. Configure your browser and install free add-in programs.

  4. Connect your headset with a microphone to your computer. No built-in speakers/microphones are allowed.
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bullet We do not recommend our online courses if any of the following traits applies. To see or hide these traits, click here.

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If you register late or don't hear from us after registration...

  • Special students (non-GT college students for academic credits):
    You will receive information from GT Admission Office about your username (GT login ID) and GT email address. If you have any questions, contact Admission Office.

  • GTPE students (No academic credits):
    You will receive a guest account username/password from GTPE office. Your instructor then needs to add you to the course site. If you have any questions, contact GTPE.

If you need more help, email your instructor. Instructor info. is on upper right of this page. Don't forget to mention which online course you have registered for.

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